Challenge Cup 2017

Is your Club the Best in Brisbane?

All clubs in Brisbane will tout to be the Best in the region, but how do we sort out the talkers from the Real club champions?

We host a Club v Club Challenge series is how!

Get your mates and make a team then simply nominate your club, you can challenge in all grades from Premier down to the beginner Division. As long as the Holders are able to match what you have we will have a good old Squash Battle on our hands!!

Download the Entry form and return to Brisbane City Squash, initial entries for the cup must be in by March 31st as the First battle will be Held at the Current holders home courts Sandgate. First Challengers will be taking the Brisbane champs on in April on a Saturday Arvo that the two clubs can agree on.

Challenge Cup Entry Form

There are some rules we will have to follow so please make sure that you read through them before committing to the challenge.

  • Only Affiliated Players can play in the BCS Event.
  • Teams must be within the Matrix threshold.
  • Payment is due before matches start.
  • Centre Hosting must provide food/refreshments.
  • Challengers must Submit there teams to BCS a Minimum of 7 days before the event
  • Players must be ready to take court from the Start time and be ready to go on court.
  • Players who are absent will be marked as a no show and result goes to opposition.
  • Scoring is PAR to 15, Premier Grade can Play PAR 11 if they choose.
  • Dunlop Pro Double dot ball is to be used.
  • Juniors under 19 MUST have Eye ware no excuses.
  • All matches must have a Ref & Marker

The Division Grades are as follows

A Grade: 280+

B Grade: 210-280

C Grade: 140-210

D Grade: 70-140

E Grade Below 70

Rankings are obtained from Squash Matrix