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All emails for the competition questions or problems send to

If you have any ideas/suggestions or feedback on competitions in Brisbane, please send us an email to

All competitions managed by Brisbane City Squash use the Squash Matrix.
To access Squash Matrix, click here

Brisbane night time competition commence September/March each year for both the Northside and Southside centres in Brisbane. These competitions are played at most centres in Brisbane on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night. Players of all grades/standards are invited to place their interest to their local centre/club. Click here for a list of Squash centres in Brisbane.

There are also a number of different competitions available from playing in teams to playing as an individual in an in-house competition (this means you only play competition from the centre you normally play from). The team competitions are played on Monday through Friday Nights inclusive and there are also competition during the day at some centres if this suits you better.

Results for the competitions are loaded onto a website so you can keep up with your own progress and your teams progress from week to week. Click here to access the Squash Matrix website. Competition Guidelines can be found on the right of this page.

Competition Documents

If you are looking for a copy of the Results Sheet or a Team Change Request, click on the documents below for a copy.

Squash Score Sheet PAR 15

Team Change Request Form (Word Doc)

Team Change Request Form PDF



Refereeing is an important part of the squash match and players of all grades must feel comfortable and confident that they can referee a match without issue. If you are interested in wanting to attend a refereeing night please send in a form expressing your interest. BCS is in the process of making available an online Portal to be able to do a basic referee test, this will become mandatory for all players in the future. For now you can have a look at the sample questions below and see how you go.

EOI Ref Seminar or Pdf Version EOI Ref Seminar PDF

Sample Questions for you to look at are found Here Example Questions Ref TEST