Brisbane Fixtures

Brisbane City Squash runs two Night time comps and a Junior comp, Night time fixtures are played as North Brisbane & South Brisbane. BCS and local squash clubs are always looking to add new fixture players to their teams so if you are looking to get into a team then have a look at our find a centre feature here and find a squash club near you today.

We have 2 seasons in Brisbane a Winter and summer that start in March and September each year, we do have breaks over Christmas and Easter and small break between seasons.

BCS uses Squash Matrix to record team results and plan each season, a squash matrix account is free and all you need is you contact details and Date of Birth. This can all be done at your local club as you will need a ranking to be able to play in the comp. You will also need to pay your annual/seasonal affiliation fees to be able to play in any BCS sanctioned comp or Event. To do this you will need to join up on a site called Sporty HQ. Once set up you can join a club and pay your Fees.

Visit Sporty HQ to get your Profile page set up so you can pay affiliation fees and find fellow club players to have a hit with. Sporty HQ is a free site, if you need any assistance just ask your Clubs coach or manager for help.

Scoring in Brisbane is PAR (Point a Rally) to either 15 or 11 depending on what division you are in, Both comps have a Premier grade as well as a beginner grade. Please note not all clubs with have either of these so you may need to have a look on Squash Matrix to see what club offer what grade of squash.

The rules that are posted on this site are current as of 2017, revisions may occur.

North Side Tuesday Premier Rules Competition-Guidelines Premier-v1

South Side Pennant Rules Competition-Guidelines South-v1

North Side Pennant Rules Competition-Guidelines North-v1

Junior Pennants Rules Competition-Guidelines Juniors-v1




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