Juniors players are vital to all sporting codes and squash is no exception, if squash is to thrive in Brisbane we need more Juniors on court and in clubs. Many clubs in Brisbane offer some form of Junior coaching program or time for Junior players to take to the courts. Brisbane City Squash has a Junior Fixture comp that is played on a Saturday morning and is looking grow this during the 2017 seasons. If you would like to get your Son or Daughter into squash but not sure where to start then please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and someone will assist you with finding the right centre or program for your budding squash champ.

Here are some great reason why you should get your Child into squash this year

  • Squash is a sun safe sport
  • Meet other like minded kids
  • Squash is fun and competitive
  • Squash I relatively cheap when stacked up against other sports
  • One of the best Cardio workouts you will get
  • Helps with confidence and social interaction
  • Cant use your mobile on a squash court so they can get a break
  • Squash gives you a complete workout in just 45 mins
  • Improves Hand/eye coordination and physical skills
  • Improves mental awareness and quick reactions
  • Can be played as an individual or as a team
  • Squash is and can be played all year round
  • Squash is a mixed sport so boys and girls can be on the same team
  • Squash can be played all through life at any age so its never too late to start playing

There are many more reasons but the main thing is that is a great way to get active inside and out of the sun.

Oz Squash Program

Some centres in Brisbane will offer the Oz Squash Program this is great way to get kids in the 5-15 age bracket involved in learning a new sport. Your child will learn the sport with a qualified Oz Squash Coach and with other children. Many clubs will get help from their senior players so as to ensure that the players are getting the best help and advice. Oz squash can also be run through a school program, this is currently only available to Primary schools. Schools can usually get help via a grant from the Local government if this is something you would like to look into please contact us at [email protected]

Brisbane City Squash currently has around 15 qualified Oz Squash coaches spread around its various Squash Centers, if you would like some info on what clubs have coaches then please visit our Coaching page and feel free to contact us. [email protected]