This page is designed to bring together all the Frequently asked Questions that we at BCS have received regarding the new Affiliation scheme that is being rolled out across Brisbane and Australia as a whole.

If your question is not answered here then try the following:

  • Ask your Team captain or team mates they may know how to help
  • Ask your Centre operator or Manager as they should be able to help with most questions.
  • If you still feel you need more info please email BCS at [email protected]
  • Most importantly don’t stress, change can be tough but there are people in Brisbane who can help you get up and running
  • Try giving your operator the $90 fees and they can pay for you if you really are at a loss on what to do.

Q: Why Change the way that players fees are collected?

The Old PAYG system had to go, over the last 10 years at least 1 one club a year would refuse to pay the BCS fees they were invoiced for. This put pressure on BCS as we still need to pay the Q Squash part to keep players insurance up after all the players did pay the fees with their Match dues each time they played. BCS over the years have tried different methods to keep clubs up to date with the payments but this did not work. BCS are now going through legal processes to collect the outstanding fees from these clubs. BCS cannot afford to keep running the PAYG System as it is far too risky for us as we are still liable to pay Q Squash fees who are in turn passing on a portion onto Squash Australia. Q Squash and BCS have worked together to bring the CRM in with the rest of the state, Timing was not perfect but we could not risk another year on the Old PAYG System

Q: Why is this being introduced mid season?

A decision had to be made as to when to bring this change about and it was voted on at the Squash Australia AGM by the States of Australia that due to many comps starting at different time it would be impossible to accommodate all for the start of their seasons. So it was decided that the Fees would run a full calendar year January 1st – December 31st. BCS is currently looking at changing our seasons to align with the rest of the country and the CRM. This could mean a 30 week Winter season this year.

Q: Am I still covered by the Player insurance scheme?

Squash Australia has agreed to cover players who are currently registered in teams from the Summer season until 1st April. Once this date has passed you will no longer be covered by Squash Australia’s Insurance policy.

Q: Who bought this new system into being?

This system was designed by Squash Australia for the use around the country. Not all states have taken to this system, however QLD is one of them. Q Squash and the regions have worked together to bring the CRM to all QLD players and get more players affiliated across the state.

Q: I have not heard anything about this new system?

Once BCS knew the basics our administrator sent out information to ALL Brisbane’s Affiliated clubs that are playing our comp. Admitting at the start there was not much to go on but every club in Brisbane was given posters and materials to display in their Centre’s to inform the players on the new changes that were coming, this was done in December 2016 before the fixtures came to an end for the year. Since then clubs have been getting information as fast as we are receiving it, Most Brisbane clubs are now set up in the new CRM with many players already paying their fees online. If you feel that you do not know enough please go back to your operator as they do have access to the same information that we have. Only two clubs initially asked for more information in November when the first notice was sent out.

Q: Why have I not Received any emails from BCS about this?

BCS has posted information on the Social media page and on the website regularly, Brisbane City Squash could email all the players who have provided email contacts but this is frowned upon by some centres who do not wish for BCS to be in contact with their players directly.

Q: What are the costs involved for Affiliating to squash?

The states affiliation fee for the whole year is $66, the BCS fees are set as $24 this covers your team entry fee, contribution to Finals Prizes and Junior development programs. There are Season only Fees as well as Half Year Fees.

This shows the BCS Plans currently available on the payment CRM page.

 This shows the Q Squash Plans Currently available on the Payment CRM Page.

There will be more plans added as we finalize what is being done about fill in players in the Brisbane region.

Q:What is Sporty HQ and why do I need yet another account I have squash Matrix?

Sporty HQ is an online portal to not only keep your player profile but you can run comps through it as well, BCS and Q squash are using the online portal to collect fees on our behalf. It may well be the site that BCS used to replace Squash Matrix as it is a modern version of Squash matrix that is constantly being monitored and updated. Squash matrix will continue for now to be the way results are entered and draws made for comps.

Q: How do I get a Sporty HQ Account?

If you are on Squash Matrix there is high chance that you will already be on sporty HQ as Squash Australia merged all the current clubs into this system. All the details that you had there will automatically be inputted into your Sporty HQ Account, you just need to activate the account. If you have supplied BCS with an email your centre’s admin can send you out an activation link so you can set up your account and pay the fees online. If you are still stuck you can email us at BCS [email protected]

Some players who have signed up recently may not be in the system, simply add yourself by registering.

Q: Do I need to Affiliate to play comp?

In short Yes, ALL players wishing to play in any BCS Sanctioned Comp/Pennant will need to pay affiliation fees. Fill in players is still being finalized but they too will need to be affiliated at some level, Squash needs financial support and need black and white numbers which can be taken to government. The PAYG system had far too many grey areas when the question was asked ‘Is that player affiliated’?

Q: I am a Fill in and do not want to be in a team what happens to me?

Fill in players across Brisbane will have a plan they can join and pay for, currently BCS is in talks with Q Squash as the best way to approach this. We are looking at a plan that would see players who are only floating players who are not attached to teams pay just the Q Squash membership, this would entitle them to play the sport but not to join teams or play in finals or attend Awards dinner for members. PLEASE NOTE this is still only an idea and has not been agreed on yet hopefully we can get an answer on this soon.

Q: I am a captain who needs a Fill in what do I need to Know?

As a Team captain it is your responsibility to ensure that each player you play is adequately covered to be able to play comp. BCS will not be entering results from players who are not affiliated to BCS and/or Q squash. Once the fees for Fill in is approved it will be up to the team captain to ensure they are affiliated to play as a fill in.

Q: I only wish to play the Winter/Summer Season am I catered for?

Yes we do have a seasonal fee in the CRM for a player wishing to just play the season only the cost is $52 this entitles you to enter into a team play unlimited matches and your Insurance is included as well as being able to play in the finals.

Q: Who are Q Squash and what do they do with my fees?

Q Squash are the States governing body they are in charge of running state level comps for both Juniors and Seniors. They also run PSA events as and when they can whilst assisting Squash Australia with growing the sport in the regional areas. Q Squash is committed to growing the sport within QLD and in particular see growth in the junior sector or squash. Q Squash is largely not know by many new squash players but they do contribute to training new referees and coaching staff for our many comps. A portion of the fee is passed onto to Squash Australia who organize the players insurance for all states.

Q: Can PSA Players play in the comp if they are not affiliated with Q Squash or BCS?

Not unless they are affiliated, just because they are good or professional doesn’t mean they should be treated any differently than the regular club player in Brisbane. Squash needs support from all players and sponsors rather than giving out free squash to all who feel they deserve it.

Q: I am new and not sure what I should do I don’t want to join a team and I don’t want to pay $90 for what could end up being very few matches?

This is a valid question but the current system is set up to get the players who want to play to stay playing in comp. Many clubs have an active in house program of which you should then join Q Squash as a social member. Social membership allows you insurance coverage for In House completion and will allow you to play three matches per year in the BCS inter club competition. It is important that all squash players are encouraged to sign up for some type of membership, which then allows better reporting to government and better budgeting for the squash community.

Q: If a player wishes to upgrade from Social to a seasonal membership or full member mid year can this be done?

Players will be able to pay the $57 difference to upgrade from social to Full or the $31 from Social to Seasonal member. This is not in the system yet but will be added soon by the developer.

Q: If I don’t make the finals I will not pay and take the Winter off and maybe not return?

Brisbane City Squash will be sorry to see these players Quit Squash and not support a sport they obviously enjoy playing, but we can’t force anyone to join.

Q: I do not have an Email Account so how do I pay my fees?

Each centre will have an admin associated to them and this will be the person to talk to as they will have the ability to take your money and pay the fees on your behalf through the CRMs Admin page. Any player can do this not just those who don’t have access to email account, we would prefer that you activate your Sporty HQ Account though.

Q: How does this compare to other sports?

Compared to Tennis QLD players in Tennis pay an upfront fee of $85 per year to play in an affiliated Tennis Competition, (Similar to our Q Squash payment of $66). Players are then asked for Tennis Brisbane Competition fees of $30 per season or $60 per year (Again similar to Brisbane City Squash fees of $12 per season). Then there are club fees on top of that. Match fees as well are slightly different in Tennis, where players can pay between $18 and $21 per match, compared to the current squash fees of $8 -$13.

Here is a site for QLD Baseball Fees

Here are the fees for QLD Soccer

Here is the QLD Croquet Affiliation fees for 2016 2016-Affiliation-Fees-Croquet

Here is the QLD Athletics Affiliations page

So compared to other sports Squash is quite reasonable and a bonus being that squash does not have an official uniform that you must purchase and play in, so overall it is an affordable and fun sport to play.